Evinrude Engines

The Evinrude brand is the absolute benchmark in the world of outboard engines.
For outboard engine buyers, Evinrude is synonymous with dependability, durability, and blazing performance. Since BRP’s decision to invest in this legendary brand, it has also come to represent a reality that many considered out of reach:  motorized watersports practised responsibly and with respect for the environment.

Our E-TEC two-stroke direct injection technology is the embodiment of this revolution.

It has many unique features:

Lower CO emissions

than an idling four-stroke engine


Less oil

than a conventional direct-injection outboard engine


Less oil

less than a conventional two-stroke

Quiet operation

Low maintenance

Superior durability

Engines using E-TEC technology have received the Clean Air Technology Excellence Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). They meet and even surpass the emission standards of the EPA, the California Air Resources Board (CARB), and the European Union. These engines are the first since 1976 to be allowed to operate on Lake Bodensee (Lake Constance), one of the world’s most sensitive and protected ecosystems.

Evinrude:  proof that boaters can indulge their passion for watersports – and spend even more time on the water – responsibly.

Evinrude Engines E-TEC

Love maintenance? The hassle? The waiting? The expense? Try another outboard engine. Evinrude outboard engines put a big list of routine maintenance items where they belong. In the history books. It’s pretty simple. Where would you rather be? In for service? Or out on the water?

No Maintenance for 3 Years / 300 Hours
No inspections or adjustments, no changing gear case lube, no spring tune-ups. For a full three years after that. Easy to own.

Fewer parts.
Less parts than most four-strokes engines. No valves, belts, camshafts or pulleys to adjust or replace. Fewer parts, fewer problems, fewer repairs. More time on the water!

No oil changes.
No mixing of oil and gas thanks to the E-CAL multi-point auto lube system. Oil is metered directly to critical engine points while complete combustion ensures that only the precise amount required is used: no oil ever escapes into the environment. There is no need for oil changes.

3-year, 300-hour spark plugs.
Advanced iridium plugs – featuring a longer, more efficient spark. More hours between plugs and services.

Auto Storage.
No need to go to the dealer. You can prepare your engine for winter yourself. So easy, you can do it at any time, in less than four minutes. Bottom line? More time on the water.

What’s the goal of power and performance? Simple. Beat everything on the water in everything from speed and torque to fuel efficiency. Whether you are running slow, fast or anywhere in between.


More power on the water!

Instant throttle response. When you say jump, we jump. Out of the hole and across the entire performance curve. Not just select points. The key is that every revolution is a power stroke, where as a four-stroke engine makes a power stroke every other revolution. Plus, the computer-controlled engine management system delivers the perfect fuel mix directly to the combustion chamber for hair-trigger response.Less fuel. The engine management system makes more than 8 million calculations per second. You get the precise amount of fuel you need at any given rpm. Not a droplet more. A big advantage when you are running big water. High torque. The natural two-stroke advantage combined with our super-natural fuel-injection and combustion system.High horsepower. Our horses never hold back. You get your running speed faster. You hold it more consistently. Even when you’re pounding big waves on big water.Less weight, more horsepower. You’re on plane faster, with less bow rise so you can see the open water in front of you. Simply better control and better handling.

Durability and Reliability
More time on the water. It starts with more time on the engineering table. Every part, every system is designed, built and tested to go the distance. We put a lot more in. You get a lot more out.

Easy starts
First time, every time. With one revolution of the flywheel.No break-in period. You go flat-out, right out of the box, thanks to our boron-nitrate cylinder bores. It’s your time on the water. Fewer parts, more peace of mind.

No belts, camshafts or exhaust valves to break down. You can go a lot farther, knowing your engine will get you back.Parts that last. Low-friction design for greater performance and longer life, under any load. Parts that are built better, tested longer.Fail-safe protection. In the event of an overheat or other anomaly, the engine automatically reduces power to protect your investment, giving you a big five-hour window to get back without incurring engine damage. High performance iridium plugs. More efficient spark, smoother running, longer life.Sealed fuel system. Air can’t get in. Fuel won’t evaporate. No more gummed-up fuel systems. Your engine is well protected during storage. Bigger alternators. Nearly twice the available amperage of competitive engines. Run more accessories with more confidence.


Responsible play – In tune with nature.

No oil changes. No worries about disposal or where the oil ends up. Plus every drop of oil in the fuel mix goes into combustion, not in the air or water.

Lower emissions
Three stars* from the toughest emission standard in the world – the California Air Resources Board. Plus, BRP, through its Evinrude brand, is the only outboard to win the EPA’s Clean Air Technology Excellence Award**. Last but not least, we’re the first two-stroke engine in more than 30 years authorized to operate on Lake Constance (Bodensee)*”*, in central Europe, one of the most rigorously protected bodies of water on the planet.No smoke. Thanks to the advanced fuel and oil injection systems. You’ll breathe a lot easier when you’re out cruising a shoreline or trolling a weedline.

Less noise
Remarkably quiet, thanks to a combination of advanced cowling designs, an acoustically tuned exhaust system and 3-dimensional sound-dampening materials for reduced noise levels and a quiet idle.Less vibration. Stratified combustion for incredibly smooth low-end performance. An engine that’s born to trail.

* Except for the 300-V6 model
** In 2005
***Selected models