Outboard Buying FAQs

We would love to sell you an engine but there are certain codes of practice that we insist on following. If you find someone else who does not follow these rules then your warranty or even your safety maybe at risk.


Who do we supply?

We supply the trade and retail leisure, commercial and government customers.

Where do we supply?

The UK

Are these the latest engines?

Unless stated they are the latest current models.

Are they grey imports?

No. These are supplied to us direct from Evinrude. If you go to the Evinrude web site you will see that we are approved Evinrude dealers.

Do you ship engines in the box ready to fit?

No excepting some of the smaller tiller engines which are designed to be moved from boat to boat and which have a PDI with us first. All engines must be fitted by a competent person and have an Evinrude approved PDI.

What is PDI?

Pre delivery inspection. This is to ensure that the engine has been fitted properly and without a PDI you will have no warranty.

How do I get a PDI?

You can either arrange to have the engine fitted at our premises or with an approved Evinrude engineer or subject to certain conditions and agreement we may be able to attend to your premises to PDI.

My boat is rated to 150Hp and I want to fit a 200Hp?

Sorry but we will only supply up to the rated Hp.

But I just want to buy an engine out of the box?

Sorry but that is not the way either us or Evinrude work.

Can you chip my engine to a higher horse power?

No No and No !

What support do I get?

Your engines are warranted by Evinrude. We also have our own service engineers including Rod Bower who as our senior engineer was the UKs service engineer for Evinrude. We are available most reasonable hours to answer questions and provide support. The Evinrude warranty is backed by a network of UK and European Evinrude dealers.

How are your prices so good?

We have a significant volume of sales and can work on lower margins.

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